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Full Haus

Aug 29, 2021

A former youth pastor, missionary, and seminarian joins the crew this week to talk about his journey from disciple of Christ to also advocate for Whites. The second half features a letter from a father to his son enlisting in the Marines. Join us!

Break: "Peace Sells, But Who's Buyin?" by Megadeth

Close: "We All Lift...

Aug 21, 2021

We welcome the Borzois (plural!) this week to talk their whirlwind courtship, dramatic new white life arrival, and TFW you suddenly have the most precious possession in the world depending on you for survival.

Even more heartwarming listener mail in the second half, trying for kids at advanced maternal age, Sam Stories,...

Aug 14, 2021

Our commitment to content is proven as we re-create the tragically fubar'd second hour of Episode 97, losing a Smasher but gaining a Durendal! Very comfy stuff, don't miss it.

We'll be back over the mics shortly with the Borzois for Episode 98. Approaching the century mark!

Closing track: Wolves by Ryan Bingham