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Full Haus

Sep 25, 2021

A slightly different Full Haus this week as we welcome on Mark and JHate from the White Power Hour to talk mostly music, but also dating, fatherhood, and the evolution of our cause. Stick around 'til the end for lurid prison stories!

Closing tracks: "Race Land" by Final War and "I Am the Superior" by We Want War


Sep 18, 2021

We're honored to be joined this week by the leader of the Asatru Folk Assembly, Matt Flavel to address all aspects of their faith, struggle, and good deeds in a fallen world. 

Learn more about the AFA or make contact with them at 

New White Life and listener mail in the second half of course, plus...

Sep 11, 2021

Join us for a very special Century Show as we livestreamed on Telegram, tapped into a slew of fans and show veterans to field questions, and dug into school mask mandates, no jab no job, homeschooling, wives who absolutely reject our worldview...and a whole lot more. Don't miss the most epic Navigating Collapse yet...