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Full Haus

May 15, 2022

We have a little more fun than usual (even in the immediate aftermath of a happening) as we livestream on Telegram and tap in audience members. Mass shootings, the Great Breastmilk & Formula Debate of 2022, cool stories, family vacations, and more!

Bumper: "Diesel Power" (Instrumental Pain Remix) by The Prodigy

Close: "

May 7, 2022

South Africa has been described as a grim reality in store for all of us in the West. Is it, and is it as bad as we imagine? Take an honest tour of a decaying outpost of White civilization this week with an "average" White South African to get the full picture. And in the second half, we tackle the news on Roe vs. Wade...

Apr 26, 2022

Happy birthday to us! The Birth Panel marks its third anniversary with a cozy show to catch up on everything in our lives, with our listeners, and provide absolutely essential cooking and recipe tips.

Opener: "Ode to Son" by Mark Brahmin and Xurious

Break: "King of Wishful Thinking" by Go West

Close: "Alone" by...

Apr 12, 2022

Sneak attack! A very rare midweek Full Haus to catch you unawares. We sit down for another interview with Charles Bausman, longtime American expat in Russia, to cut through the grotesque lies and evil narratives surrounding the grinding war in Ukraine, and the stakes for all of us. Has he drunk the Russian Kool-Aid,...

Apr 9, 2022

Jean-Francois Gariepy of JFG Tonight joins the gang for the whole show this week to talk everything from the origins of DNA to fatherhood to women to transhumanism and the fate of Western civilization! 

Stick around for our new segment in the second half, "Cool Stories." No spoilers here.

Bumper: "Walk Away"...