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Full Haus

Dec 4, 2021

We're going to have to start turning away great guests at this rate. Join us this week with the wonderful family man, brilliant lawyer, and new grandfather (!) Glen Allen to talk all things lawfare, doxing and employment issues, censorship, best practices if you get pinched, and the Free Expression Foundation.

Support Glen and his team's efforts to fight the oppressors by making a tax-deductible donation here:

Intro: "Bad Boys" (Instrumental) by Inner Circle

Break: "Cello Suite in G Major, Prelude" by Johann Sebastian Bach

Close: "New Theory" by Washed Out

And check out Glen's wife's delightful children's tales set to classical music! 

And if you "just need more Glen," see more in-depth analysis of Sines v. Kessler on The Realist Report.

And read "The Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds" for more on William Luther Pierce.

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