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Full Haus

Jun 26, 2021

The best Full Haus yet? You decide!

We're joined by a righteous father & son duo to talk how they ended up white nationalists, view our various issues, and even wifey/mom gets in on the fun in the second hour. Egg shopping and George Wallace are in this week's Navigating the Collapse. Not too shabby.

I guarantee you'll enjoy this one, or your money back.

Break: "Ode to a Dying People" by Saga

Close: "Alive" by Pearl Jam

Buy this book for your daughters! (The Twelve Dancing Princesses; and Other Stories from Europe)

And check out the White Art Collective on June 26 & July 3 here:


And check out Sam's Spirit of St. Louis model!

We love ya fam, and we'll talk to you next week.