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Full Haus

Aug 15, 2023

A righteously motivated younger listener and new husband joins us for a wide-ranging discussion on everything from starting a family to religion, activism, prepping, when to pull the plug on a relationship, and even a few overlooked 9/11 smoking guns from last week. And yes, we even address the latest country song everyone's arguing about. 

"If you're feeling nihilistic, you're not angry enough."

Bumper: Mastermind (Instrumental) by Deltron 3030

Break: Rich Men North of Richmond by Oliver Anthony

Close: "Battle Hymn of the Republic" by the Tabernacle Choir

Levi recommends "Who Really Did 911"

Other listeners recommended September 11, the New Pearl Harbor and The Empire Unmasked.

Listen to:

The Final Storm



Go forth and multiply.

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