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Full Haus

Jul 11, 2020

The Birth Panel is back from vacation to deliver a gem of an episode with special guest (and fecund dad) Dark Enlightenment to tackle the problems with suburbia, why you should have a big family, dealing with melancholy and fatherhood amid civilizational collapse, with several awesome bits in the second hour. Listen to this one with the family with even more confidence than usual!

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Break track: "Dudelzack" by German medieval folk rock group (!) Schandmaul

Closing track: "Hold Back the Night" by the Protomen, as immortalized by Murdoch Murdoch (bear with the expired imagery)

Tons of reading recommendations, references, and endorsements in this episode:

Sinn Fein's Slogan:

Rich Dad Poor Dad:

Suburban Nation:

Stranger in a Strange Land:

Crabgrass Frontier:

Black Hebrew Israelites deliver a sermon to a New York "Jew":


When we say we love ya fam, we mean it!  We'll talk to you next week.