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Full Haus

Apr 17, 2021

Usher in the Third Reich Year of Full Haus with a live all-star ensemble of show veterans who cover everything from dramatic new white life arrival to working-class politics to system oppression...and the big picture. This show is like a WWF Royal Rumble, only everyone is hanging out and having a great time. 

Listen to the end (or else!) for Navigating the Collapse and a spine-stiffening call from one of our great men behind the wire.

Intro: Full Haus Theme thanks to MP's middling remix skills of Nutstar's Valhalla

Close: Navigating the Collapse, plus a precious closing call from our guy behind bars.

Honor Roll: Striker, Borzoi, Thomas Sewell, Ahab, Apache, Townes, Theo, Dark Enlightenment, Mike Enoch

Nathaniel Scott endorses "Marching to Zion" as an essential red pill for the clueless Christians in your life.

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