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Full Haus

Oct 12, 2023

A few months ago our in-haus sexual swami Sam suggested that we record a "Sex Show" in which we address the issue with both the gravity and levity it deserves...not to swap lurid tales of conquest or vulgar tricks of the trade, but to tackle it with the same humanity, humility, and brutal honesty you've come to expect from Full Haus. Your host was reluctant to wade into such dangerous waters until he stumbled upon a way to paywall certain content and to boost Chris Cantwell's work as well.

After four and a half years and 168 episodes, this is thus our first production not completely free and open to the public, and we trust you will find it as entertaining as it is useful. You will love some of the takes or advice provided within, hate others, and laugh throughout.

To hear the entire program, please go to Cantwell's site Surreal Politiks, purchase a membership, and use coupon code FULLHAUS to get a third off your first three months. Chris guards his data like a sentinel, and you can cancel anytime. Do the right thing, and give it a shot. And thank you!

Break Track: Max Resist & The Runes - Here She Comes Again

Close: Carl Orff - O Fortuna

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Go forth and multiply.

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