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Full Haus

Oct 8, 2022

The inimitable pugilist, writer, and wanderer James LaFond joins us this week to discuss all things surviving Weimerica, life on the road, how to score chicks, and how to beat up Rolo. 

Please support James by buying his books still found on Amazon and listed at

And buy "The Story of our People" for kids in your life aged 5-10 from The White People's Press.

Break: "Don't Come Home a Drinkin' with Lovin' On Your Mind" by Loretta Lynn

Close: "Jason" by The Midnight featuring Nikki Flores

James recommends the following works depending on your interest:

1. Combat: Winter of a Fighting Life

2. History: Cracker-Boy: A History of Plantation America

3. Survival: Thriving in Bad Places

Rolo's Halloween / Horror flick recommendations: "Halloween, Halloween 2, Halloween 3, Psycho, Psycho 2, Christine, The Thing, Silent hill, they live, the blob, event horizon, evil dead, evil dead 2, army of darkness, in the mouth of madness, behind the mask, tales from the crypt demon night, frailty, exorcist 3, april fools day, near dark, fright night, dead alive, shadow of the vampire, monster squad, the frighteners, trick r treat, creepshow, an american werewolf in london, the guest"

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