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Full Haus

Oct 1, 2022

Hey you! Sit up straight and listen closely as we regale you with some optimistic news on the demographic front, decipher explosive news from the Baltic Sea, and give more dating advice from guys who have been out of the hustle for decades.

Break: "Who's Gonna Fight in World War 3?"

Close: "Brute Force" by Daniel...

Sep 24, 2022

We're honored to welcome Thomas Sewell back this week to discuss the latest in Oz, his fight against state oppression, active clubs, differing political strategies, and even that raw milk debate. He's still got the fire.

Bumper: "Darkness" by Daniel Deluxe

Double shot closer: "To Her Door" by Tom Kelly (DJ Sewell) and "

Sep 20, 2022

More of a "lifestyle" show than usual this week as we zoom out and discuss the wonderful developments and people in our well as the total drags and bums! We try to put into words all the joys and disappointments you've experienced online and IRL over the years.

Break: "Let's Roll" by Ward-Iz

Close: "Meet me...

Sep 2, 2022

The great Lauritz von Guildhausen joins us from Norway this week for a full two hours jam-packed with commentary on the looming energy crisis, American political tyranny, New White Life, questions from the audience, and a lot more. Miss this one at your own peril!

Break: Rolandskvadet by Hard Look

Close: "O Valhalla" by...

Aug 22, 2022

We're joined by the always gregarious Gordon Kahl of Achtung Amerikaner to talk tough childhoods, surviving abuse, and hitting escape velocity.

In the second hour we dissect the inevitability of Trump 2024, building our race up vs. attacking our enemies, and The Cop Question. BE THERE

Break: "Horse Soldier" by Cole...