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Full Haus

Jan 29, 2022

June 8, 1967: A date which will also live in infamy, with your help. Join FOUR USS Liberty survivors (Phil Tourney, Ron Kukal, Bob Scarborough, and Mickey LeMay) who share their visceral experiences from that fateful day, the shameful U.S. coverup of Israel's act of war, and the real reason why all 294 men on that ship...

Jan 27, 2022

As of January 26th, there is a decent chance of the biggest armed conflict in Europe since World War 2 breaking out any day between Russia and Ukraine. It's not a foregone conclusion to be sure, but it feels like it. Almost eight years after the Maidan Coup in Kiev and subsequent Russian reclamation of Crimea,...

Jan 24, 2022

We're honored to welcome proud new parents and public dissidents Sam Melia and Laura Towler to talk all things Patriotic Alternative, the state of Britain, and our common cause: White solidarity, worldwide.

Patriotic Alternative:

Grandma Towler's Tea:

Jan 15, 2022

Mrs. Smasher makes a surprise appearance and we welcome her womanly advice as we talk almost entirely family issues in this one. This one is NSFK (not safe for kids) as we talk a little bit about the birds and the bees.

Be sure to buy and watch Sacrificing Liberty in advance of our show with a USS Liberty...

Jan 10, 2022

We ring in the fourth year of Full Haus with a deep dive into man fuel. Our special guest Ascot Bro is an unrivaled expert on the topic, and covers everything from indications of low-T, test results, best ways to boost your vril, what foods and substances to avoid, supplements, and even TRT (testosterone replacement...