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Full Haus

Mar 21, 2023

The preternatural provocateur and chief erythrocyte of the Blood Tribe - Hammer - joins us this week for a long overdue interview about his background, fire for activism, and everything else in the struggle.

The bald berserker hangs out through the second half as well to talk health and fitness, Trump 2024, and lots...

Mar 14, 2023

With spring just days away, we motivate the audience to get out there growing and raising their own food again this year. Returning expert Midgardener covers the plants, first-timer Hans covers animal husbandry, and the Birth Panel carries the rest with NWL, great audience feedback, and discussions on melatonin and the...

Mar 6, 2023

The great Thomas Sewell rejoins us for an extended show on all things new fatherhood, strength amid adversity, Russia-Ukraine, and a lot more.


Break: "I'm on Fire"

Close: The Poison Tastes So Sweet - lyrics by Thomas Sewell

The White Power Hour needs a new show producer. Hit us...