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Full Haus

Nov 20, 2022

On the docket this week: a brief mid-term post-mortem and whether voting even makes sense anymore, Trump's return, loose ends from the dating show, and lots of dad content in the second half. Dark Enlightenment returns to class up the joint a bit, too.

Bumper: "Orgasmatron" by Motorhead

Break: "Wellington Arms" by...

Nov 5, 2022

Our long-promised and underdelivered condensed modern dating advice show has finally landed. We welcome two younger guys more recently in the game to arm you with the best, most honest counsel to help you get cracking on the most fundamental mission of life. No excuses after this one!

Bumper: "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love"...

Oct 30, 2022

Everything under the sun is fair game in this tour d'horizon of our zeitgeist: Dating via WN clout, our return to Twitter, the dark Waukesha saga, picky eaters, a high school listener's tough decisions, an epic road trip for brotherhood, and how we've changed over the past half decade. Plus Nike from The Third Rail and...

Oct 18, 2022

More fun than four grown men should be allowed to have this week as we discuss our worst juvenile indiscretions, near-death experiences, spooky tales, the puberty talk, cheap beers, and throw in some geopolitics for good measure. It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Bumper: "DMC 12 Gauge" by Red Marker

Break: "That...

Oct 8, 2022

The inimitable pugilist, writer, and wanderer James LaFond joins us this week to discuss all things surviving Weimerica, life on the road, how to score chicks, and how to beat up Rolo. 

Please support James by buying his books still found on Amazon and listed at

And buy "The Story of our People" for...